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$40 take out or tighten up weave 
$40 Shampoo, condition, blow dry

$30 Trim/cut ends

$50 Detailed cut

$35 Detangle fee (If your hair needs to be detangled or blown dry prior to styling)

$45 Body Curls (Diva curls)

$75 Wand Curls

$35 Pin up body or wand curls (add on to above service)

$15 Individual track bonded

$35 Individual track sew-in

$750 Individual Microbead style

$250 Braid-less sew in (full head)

$100 replace lace or silk closure (if you need your closure replaced)

$40 Braid-less sew-in (per track)

$70 Braid-less removal (full head)

$25 Braid-less removal (per track)

$100 Ponytail/Bun

Natural Hair Care Packages

$100 Natural care- Shampoo, conditioner, silk press and ends trim (Natural hair only)

$65 Soft waves- Shampoo, conditioner and natural hair styled in soft wave style (add $30 if you need a relaxer)

$95 Short and sassy- Touch up relaxer, cut and style for natural hair

$125 Virgin Relaxer (includes: Shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, ends trimmed and flat iron)

$100 Touch up relaxer (includes same services as virgin relaxer)

$35+ Corn rows (without hair added) Add $10 minimum for design

$50+ Corn rows (with hair added)  Add $25 for detailed design (Determined by stylist)

$175 Keratin express

COLOR : 24 HR ADV REQUIRED (Color services only guaranteed with the purchase of Weave-A-Divas virgin hair)

$75 Partial highlights (1/4)

$100 Partial highlights (1/2)

$150 Full head highlights

$150 Full head 1 color

$50 one lift or deposit of color per bundle of virgin hair

$25 addtl color

Weave maintenance
$85 Cut and flat iron – Cut and flat iron style of your existing weave

$75 Retouch weave- Shampoo, condition, tighten up and flat iron of your existing weave (If you would like diva curls add $40)

$100 Retouch weave with lace or silk closure- Shampoo, condition, tighten up and flat iron of your existing weave and closure (If you would like diva curls add $40)

$150 Instant install (custom unit) retouch- (if you have purchased a unit from us only) Removal of install, shampoo and condition of natural hair and install. Re-braid and sew install with original style (Add $25 if you want cut or $40 if you want curls added to install).

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